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Are you idiots?




It has come to my attention that apparently, some people are planning on boycotting the Young Justice Blue Ray in order to “send a message to Cartoon Network that they will settle for nothing less than a third season.”  

This is apparently a thing.  

ARE YOU MORONS?  Do I have to spell this out to you?  This is LITERALLY going to send THE EXACT OPPOSITE MESSAGE.  

Okay…Maybe I’ve been part of the Gargoyles fandom for too long…We have understood this for a long time, so to you Young Justice fans, here’s how it works.  Cartoon Network is a BUSINESS.  A BUSINESS’S job is to make MONEY.  If you GIVE them your MONEY, they will say “hey, this thing made money, let’s make more of it so it will make more money”  

If you boycott their product, they will say “Hey, this thing made no money.  Clearly there is no market for it, let’ NEVER MAKE ANYTHING LIKE IT AGAIN”  Am I clear now?  

Yep. It’s a business. Also, nice choice of art.

Admin Catch is Streamiiiiiing~!


Same as yesterday- We’re trying to animoot up in here. The struggle is real, as is the typed out rage. Join us!

U will find urself entertained. (Sidenote- walkcycles are goddamn evil motherfuckers)

Still going; Nearly done with the keys for the walkcycle, just gotta get that FUCKING LEG IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND THAT GODDAMN ARM AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH

The struggle continues.

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